About the Chairman

Mr. Parasmal Gothi, a pioneer in introducing the concept in a large scale in 1987. Then went on to increase capacity in the next 3-5 years to become the largest manufacturer of disposable plastic cups & containers in the country.

Went public in 1994 with over whelming subscription of 10 times issue size. Imported the latest extrusion line & thermoformers from Holland & Germany to establish the largest line.

Introduced new product designs over the years i.e. square and rectangle from the traditional round.

Industry has grown without checks and balances, govt policy has not been favorable and some local govt have banned the use of disposable products, rather than educated the users on waste management / recycling etc.

Markets not organized and ban on the import of recycled material too has added to the static / down fall of the industry.

The company is also building additional infrastructure to explore business in IT related activities and till then have leased appx 50,000 sqft to MNC. This will help in reducing the losses and be beneficial to the company.

The company is currently engaged in the real estate business in India renting commercial properties and warehouses.